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Nortel Symposium Call Center and Avaya/Nortel NES

Nortel Symposium
 Avaya/Nortel NES

Nortel Networks Symposium Call Center Server helps you respond quickly and effectively to callers' constantly changing priorities by delivering superior call management capabilities and utilizing the latest in communications technologies. It provides the solid foundation you need to help build profitable, long-term customer relationships.

Symposium Call Center Server delivers the solution your business needs to build customer loyalty and meet expectations in today's highly competitive marketplace, setting a solid foundation for an extraordinary customer experience.

Key Benefits

•    Builds profitable customer relationships by helping you personalize service with superior flexibility.

•    Quickly routes calls to the agents best equipped to answer them, helping to increase customer loyalty.

•    Improves agents’ effectiveness and productivity—helping to make them happier in their jobs.

•    Gives managers the decision-making tools they need, from up-to-the-second real-time displays to comprehensive reporting capabilities.

Speeds up answering, lengthens hours of service, and connects agents and customers across wide geographical areas by extending your contact center using advanced networking and

Voice-over-IP (VoIP)

Grows and adapts to your company’s evolving needs, employing open architecture, flexible design and built-in scalability to protect your investment.

Callers Get the Right Help, Right Away

With its advanced skill-based routing and customizable call handling features, Symposium Call Center Server ensures that your customer calls are promptly answered by the agents best equipped to handle them. Long hold times and endlessly transferred calls become problems of
the past. And your contact center’s dramatically improved service can pay tangible dividends
in the form of increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How does Symposium Call Center Server deliver this remarkable new standard of customer service? One half of the equation is the system’s powerful skill-based routing capability. Managers can define agent skillsets so that customer calls are speedily routed to the most appropriate support person. A software company, for example, can have calls directed according to agents’ expertise in particular programs. Or a travel company might route calls to agents who specialize in different geographic regions. Skills can be defined by any contact center activity, from product, service or skill categories to loyalty indicators such as bronze, silver or gold.

As agents gain more knowledge and experience handling calls, you can assign one of 48 priorities in Symposium Call Center Server to reflect the agent's proficiency level. The flexibility of Symposium Call Center Server also enables you to use backup skillsets if the desired agents are not available, giving you outstanding call coverage and customer satisfaction.

The other half of the equation, as your team works to match callers with appropriate agents
quickly and seamlessly, is Symposium Call Center Server’s highly flexible scripting capability. Managers can easily create customized scripts that consider all the key factors in a call
treatment scenario: who callers are, why they are calling and the dynamic conditions of the contact center, including the number of calls in queue, the average service level of the center or of a particular skillset, etc. Your custom script will then determine how each unique case should be treated—i.e., what skillset(s) a call should be routed to, what priority it should have, what messages a caller should hear, and so on.

Inbound calls can be routed to the appropriate agents using a variety of information, including a caller’s own number (calling line identification, or CLID), or the number called (dialed number identification service, or DNIS), or by monitoring touchtone responses to voice menus or an interactive voice response (IVR) system. Symposium Call Center Server ensures that the call is always answered promptly, whether by an agent or automated service. Using the system’s multiple call treatment capabilities, you can offer varying service hours, voice menu decision options, timely announcements and other treatments designed to cover all contact center situations.

While calls are in queue, you can play prerecorded messages relevant to your customer’s needs and current contact center conditions. These could include audio ads highlighting current promotions, information about your company or updates on how busy the contact center is, including expected wait time. A greeting might notify help desk callers that staff are aware of a current problem and provide resolution details. Other options include music and self-service voice menus that invite callers to direct themselves to appropriate services or departments.

The superior performance and features of Symposium Call Center Server streamline the entire interaction process. By meeting and surpassing expectations, you create more satisfied customers—which can mean increased profitability and improved business growth.

Agents Are More Productive and Happier in Their Jobs

Symposium Call Center Server helps agents become productive and increases job satisfaction in a number of ways. First and foremost, agents are acknowledged as individuals with unique abilities, which lead to greater recognition within the team and boosts overall morale.
Because agents only receive calls that match their skillsets, they find that most transactions with customers are effective and to the point. Moreover, with the optional Agent Desktop
Displays offered by Symposium Call Center Web Client, agents can continuously monitor their own performance; seeing exactly how they are doing and where they could do better.

If the system is equipped with Symposium Agent Greeting software, an agent can record and play a standard greeting (or varied greetings for different types of calls) to begin each customer interaction sparing your agents of tedious repetition.

Symposium Call Center Server is also an ideal platform for computer-telephony integration (CTI). Symposium Agent software can automatically retrieve information from your organization’s databases, assembling a customer history or populating fields in a form, then delivering a simultaneous screen pop of pertinent information to the answering agent’s workstation. Using CTI, Symposium Call Center Server also integrates with other contact center applications—whether self-service or comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM)—to help agents provide more personalized service, avoid redundant questions, work more quickly to process orders or requests and generally deliver a higher standard of caller care. By using their time as productively as possible, agents are happier in their jobs, which can in turn reduce staff turnover.

Managers Have Current, Accurate Information at Their Fingertips

The comprehensive management and reporting tools of Symposium Call Center Server help you run your contact center more effectively and efficiently than ever. Managers and supervisors can accurately track contact center performance and the level of support provided by an individual as well as a group of agents. The system’s real-time and historical reporting makes it easy to adjust staffing levels in peak periods and to forecast business needs and human resources requirements over the long term.

Symposium Call Center Server delivers up-to-the-second information to supervisor PCs, as well as to wallboards and other applications. Real-time data can be presented in whatever format works best—graphical, tabular or a combination of the two—to help your managers react immediately to changing circumstances. They have the information they need to adjust skillsets and staffing levels, or reroute calls to deploy other networked resources—all with the goal of maintaining the highest levels of customer service.

Your contact center team can access this complete set of management tools either through desktop clients with a Microsoft Windows interface or via a widely used Web browser, Microsoft Internet Explorer. Using the browser-based Symposium Call Center Web Client, your contact center can become even more efficient. The “thin” client solution is faster and easier to implement and maintain, because the client software is housed centrally on a single server, eliminating the need to install, patch and upgrade individual desktop clients. This yields significant savings in time, effort and money. Moreover, your managers can take advantage of Symposium Call Center Server’s superb management tools from almost anywhere to help make better business decisions and respond more quickly.

Equally important alongside these real-time capabilities are Symposium Call Center Server’s comprehensive historical reports, which allow managers to analyze trends and performance levels over varying periods of time. The system offers an extensive range of standard report formats that you can fine-tune to be as broad or as specific as required. You can, for example, obtain complete data on a single call, fully documenting the customer’s experience in one interaction. Or you can get current data on the performance of the contact center as a whole, gaining the intelligence you need to make crucial business decisions.

You can also create custom management reports—using SQL (Structured Query Language) report writers such as Crystal Reports or Excel—to assess agent performance, identify trends and understand the utilization of contact center resources. The intelligence these reports provide helps you control operating costs, generate additional revenues and, most important, enhance service to callers. Using industry-standard report writers and open database connectivity, your valuable contact center information can be merged with other corporate data for a complete view of customer relationships. Custom reports can be published in any form, including via the Web for easy access.

Extend Your Reach Quickly and Cost-Effectively

Symposium Call Center Server enables your organization to seamlessly network call centers in multiple locations, providing enormous flexibility as customer calls are sent to the site best able to handle them. If one contact center is too busy, or closed down because of an emergency, calls can be automatically forwarded to another site. Or to extend the hours of an operation, calls can be routed to appropriate agents at contact centers in different time zones.

Your company can also easily extend its reach using Nortel Networks IP Contact Center solutions which leverage VoIP to distribute calls to agents in remote areas, branch offices and even home-based offices. VoIP solutions from Nortel Networks deliver a reliable, cost-effective way to quickly expand contact center operations and reach geographically dispersed agents.

Invest in Technology that Grows and Adapts as You Do

Symposium Call Center Server grows and adapts as your business evolves. The system can integrate with Nortel Networks Meridian 1*, Succession Communication Server for Enterprise 1000, Meridian SL-100* or DMS* Centrex. The scalable platform’s open architecture, with a server component that runs on the Windows 2000 operating system, is compliant with widely accepted industry standards, allowing third-party and custom applications to take advantage of its powerful features and extensive call information.

Symposium Call Center Server also integrates with a variety of other Symposium solutions to put powerful new capabilities at your fingertips. By implementing Symposium Web Center Portal, for example, you have the flexibility to turn your traditional call center into a multimedia customer contact center. You can simultaneously manage telephone calls, e-mail, Web interactions and faxes with a single solution. E-mail can be routed and monitored with the same effectiveness as telephone calls, reducing response time and agent workloads. The system can also automate e-mail responses, filtering incoming messages to determine the most appropriate replies and then sending these automatically or presenting suggestions for agent review.

...analyze trends and performance levels over varying periods of time

With Symposium Web Center Portal, there are many possible ways for agents to interact with customers visiting your company’s web-site. A customer who has a query can click a Web-page button requesting an agent to call back by telephone, either immediately or at a scheduled later time. A website visitor can also “chat” online with an appropriately skilled agent, exchanging text messages in real time. The agent can direct the caller to self-service areas of the site, inviting further inquiries once the customer has had a chance to browse. Or customer and agent can collaborate through simultaneous voice and Web browser connections; if a customer is interested in, say, a particular type of cell phone, the agent can take the opportunity to “push” a Web page showing that model in different colors—and the customer in turn can push selected pages from his or her self-service browsing.

Symposium Web Center Portal adds a new dimension to collaborations between agents and customers—and sets a new standard in effective, round-the clock service. This innovative, multimedia solution includes all the real-time and historical reporting tools you’ll need to monitor contact center activity, boost productivity and maximize customer satisfaction. And its modular configuration means you can keep on adding functionality as your Web-based business grows and your customers demand increasingly sophisticated levels of service. 

Avaya/Nortel NES Contact Center

Avaya/Nortel provides clients with the robust Avaya NES Contact Centre which is an easy, out-of-box contact center solution design specifically to satisfy new, growing or established call center.

Avaya/Nortel NES Contact Center significantly expands functionality while greatly simplifying the tools used to implement, maintain, manage and use the system on a daily basis. Your business gains the flexibility to exceed customer expectations while maximizing operational effectiveness. As a modular, scalable, standards-based solution, Avaya NES Contact Center delivers the advantages of an all-in-one solution without the drawbacks: you can purchase just what you need, when you need it.

So whether you’re starting a new center, looking to manage multiple channels of communication or want to integrate outbound customer campaigns, Avaya/Nortel NES Contact Center is the better and easier way to meet your objectives.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Avaya/Nortel NES Contact Center helps you achieve a new standard of personalized customer service with ultimate flexibility, making you more relevant to your customers. All contacts are routed to the best person the first time using advanced, intelligent skill-based routing, saving time and enhancing customer retention. Recognizing individual skills also boosts employee job satisfaction and provides a path for future career growth, reducing turnover.

You can:

•    Unify customer contacts for consistently excellent service
•    Streamline service rep desktop information
•    Integrate outbound to proactively engage your customers
•    Manage easily from almost anywhere
•    Put information in the form needed
•    Simplify business integration
•    Gain higher performance and improved capacity
•    Expand flexibility
•    Enhance business resiliency.
•    Meet your customers on their terms

Boost First Contact Resolution

First contact resolution has a direct correlation with improved customer satisfaction. By integrating unified communications (UC) within the Avaya NES Contact Center, many businesses are finding that first contact resolution rates can be dramatically improved. The Avaya NES Contact Center solution offers a single agent desktop interface that lets agents view the presence of experts and communicate with experts via Instant Messaging (IM), solving customer inquiries faster and ultimately boosting customer satisfaction.

Harness the Power of IP

Avaya NES Contact Center delivers a simple  IP infrastructure, with one wire to the desktop, making it easier and faster to implement with unified management for quick moves, adds and changes. A converged infrastructure supports business growth with a smaller staff and reduces operating costs. You’re more responsive and able to deliver unrivalled service that’s necessary for building long-lasting customer loyalty.

Break Down Walls and Boundaries

Gain freedom when you eliminate walls and boundaries to leverage remote and mobile staff. Virtualizing your Avaya NES Contact Center enhances productivity, especially when scaling to meet peak demand. Up to 30 sites and 100,000 service reps can be located anywhere and managed centrally as a single entity, integrating all voice, e-mail, IM, Web chat and other multimedia transactions. Numerous and compelling benefits include: improved staff morale due to flexible work schedules and locations; expanded scalability to handle peak demand by drawing on employees across multiple locations; business coverage spanning multiple time zones to offer round-the-clock service; and intelligent skill-based routing to deliver callers to the most appropriate service rep wherever the rep is located, resulting in reduced transaction times.

Meet Customers on Their Terms

Embrace your demanding, ever-changing customer community by choosing Smart IP as the provider of Avaya NES Contact Center to meet customers on their terms. You’ll be able to offer superior, convenient, consistent personalized service every day of the year. Whether your customers love sending instant messages, adore Web self-service or happen to call using a mobile phone, you can give them a breakthrough customer experience.

Enhance Quality for Exceptional Service

You can record, evaluate and analyze complete customer interactions to help assure quality performance for exceptional service. With Avaya Contact Recording and Quality Monitoring you can increase customer loyalty and maximize revenue, one customer interaction at a time.

Maximize Business Continuity and Security

Avaya/Nortel NES Contact Center offers standby and high availability server options as well as geographic and campus redundancy solutions that mirror sites and remove single points of failure, maximizing contact center uptime and resiliency. Combined with state-of-the-art security and firewall support, Avaya software quality and mature platforms have “five-nines” reliable Avaya NES Contact Center architecture.

Gain the Flexibility Edge

The innovative Avaya NES Contact Center approach enables your business to obtain a flexibility edge. For example, sophisticated Avaya NES Contact Centers can be configured and running in no time at all and adding functionality like screen pops, soft phones, e-mail response, blended outbound campaigns and Web communication is easier than ever. You can tailor capabilities to exceed the expectations of your most demanding customers while creating a competitive differential. The Avaya NES Contact Center solution offers a variety of SOA-based Web Services/open interfaces that can be used to simplify and speed the process of enabling business integration with Avaya NES Contact Center applications. Open interfaces deliver a high level of business agility, enabling you to speed development of processes and to automate processes that were previously tedious and time-consuming.

Simplify across the Board

Avaya NES Contact Center helps you simplify across the board. Everything you need to set-up, run and manage your Avaya NES Contact Center is provided in an intuitive browser-based tool that can be used from anywhere your staff has secure Internet access. This powerful tool provides supervisors, managers and administrators with comprehensive user-friendly real-time displays, historical reports and configuration capabilities, helping them make better business decisions and improve overall effectiveness. Additionally, the integral Avaya Report Generation Wizard delivers an impressive ability to generate custom reports that combine information from multiple sources to gain actionable intelligence.

Meteor Telecommunications and Customer

MeteorTelecommunications provides business with Avaya/Nortel product line. We are an experienced professionals when it comes to implementing Avaya/Nortel products and solutions, we’ve proved our success with Avaya/Nortel portfolio implementation with many existing customers choosing Avaya/Nortel for their business, we’ve added many and continuing to grow our client group. We provide our services from several locations:  Brampton (head office), Ottawa, Hamilton in Ontario, and many other locations all over the Canada. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at (905) 595-4444. We look forward to working with you and helping to decrease your communications costs.